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Security tips for house owners: Lock up

Lock up your front door

Our apartments or houses, in which we usually keep our handbags and their contents by the front door, are a tasty morsel for a thief. Even when all tenants are in, busy with household chores, we frequently cannot hear what is happening in the other room or at the door.

Don't leave valuables close to the not locked main doors

Remember – an opportunistic thief needs a few seconds only to take valuables from your apartment and a open front door is an easy job for a burglar

Criminals usually act similarly. They may go from apartment to apartment and press the front door handles. In the event of a “mishap”, burglars pretend to have mistaken the premises.

If the owner forgot to lock the door, the thief seizes the opportunity and takes everything within his reach: purses, wallets, phones, or car keys, and immediately runs away.

Burglars may also use the opportunity when the owner of the house enjoys his free time in the backyard. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that we may fall victim to theft even by leaving a house or apartment open for just a moment.

When to call the Police

Before leaving the house, always check that all windows are closed, especially those on the ground floor and in the basement. If it comes to the worst, and after returning home you discover that the door is open, do not go in under any circumstances as you can incidentally cover up traces of the crime; secondly, you can never be sure if the burglar is in or out. In this case, you should immediately notify the Police.

If you ever notice anything suspicious in the staircase – such as individuals consuming alcohol or using drugs or strangers wandering about, you should also get in touch with the Police.

Invest in security

Keep in mind that, even when you lock your door, an old flimsy lock is not going to keep you and your valuables safe. Contact a professional locksmith to find out if your security measures are compliant with the latest security standards.

Burglars have their ways of opening old, poor-quality locks, such as lock snapping. Not only your front door lock but also windows or patio doors may be easily forced by a thief. Get in touch with your local locksmith and order a free security survey.

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