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Beware the locksmith scams

Getting locked out of your home or office might lead to panic. A lot of people get tempted by low quotes or attractive graphics which frequently appear online when you type “emergency locksmith in my area”. Keep in mind that locksmith scams often use the bait-and-switch method to lure customers.

locksmith scam alert
locksmith scam alert

Online, there is plenty of phone numbers which may be similar to legitimate locksmiths’ ones. Some of them link back to a call centre which does not have a legitimate local address. 

Meanwhile, an actual locksmith should have a local address that you can verify. Whether you need a lock repair, lock installation, security upgrade, emergency locksmith service, a deadbolt replacement or any other professional locksmith service, and you want the job to be mess-free without generating additional damage or costs, take some time to find a trusted professional.

How to tell a false locksmith scams from a real one

Locksmith scammers usually have graphically impressive websites and convincing advertisements but they lack the skill. They are not registered, do not belong to the Master Locksmiths Association and do not have documented professional training. 

False locksmiths often use destructive ways of entry by forcing the locks – thus damaging the lock, the frame or the door itself. This, in turn, generates additional costs. What’s more, scammers tend to disappear right after they receive the payment for their job, provide no further help, and make sure you cannot contact them for a refund.

Meanwhile, a properly trained local locksmith is going to show up as soon as possible, assess your problem, open your door in the possibly least invasive way and make sure you are happy with the result. 

By having your door fixed by such a person, you can be sure that your lock has proper anti-burglary properties and meets the BS 3621 standard. This is why it is worth finding a locksmith with a registered address who would personally answer the phone. 

Such professional locksmith services can be found on Google reviews or on Facebook. You can also ask around in your neighbourhood to find out which locksmith is trusted in your area and keep the phone number at hand for future reference.

How to avoid locksmith scams

This is why you should always do a background check on the locksmith of your choice. Remember that the ones with extremely low prices are particularly suspicious. 

Always make sure that they have a name, a phone number and an actual address in your area. Then spend some time reading the reviews available online. 

Choose experienced professionals who – according to their customers – do a good job, meet their quotes and are easy to contact. As soon as the locksmith is ready to start the job, ask specific questions about the problem with your lock. 

Does your lock need a replacement or just a fix? Does it meet the BS 3621 standard? What anti-burglary properties does it have? Do not forget to ask for a receipt and the possibility of contacting the locksmith/ getting a refund if any further issues appear.

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