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How to deter a porch pirate

Because of the pandemic lockdown, millions of people started shopping online. Parcel deliveries became common, and – sadly – so did doorstep activity of porch pirates and parcel theft.

One in ten UK citizens admits to have had parcels lost or stolen during the lockdown. The phenomenon called porch piracy is a pressing problem, hard to be solved by delivery companies or even by the police. So, how to avoid porch pirates and a parcel theft?

porch pirate
Porch pirate in action

Arrange your delivery

Parcel theft may happen at any distribution point. It may be related to organised crime, but most frequently it involves opportunist porch pirates. Sometimes it ends up in package pilferage when all or just a few items are taken from the package with the box left on your porch, and sometimes the whole package goes missing.

Some claim that the easiest way not to have a parcel stolen from your porch is… not to have it there in the first place.

When you arrange parcel delivery, consider if anyone is going to be home. Alternatively, you can change the delivery date or have the package delivered to your workplace, a relative, or a friend. Also, you can arrange for the parcel to be signed upon delivery to make sure you’re the one who receives it. However, perhaps you can take a more modern approach to avoid porch piracy.

Delivery issues are the last thing you want to worry about while shopping online.

Choose smart solutions

Some companies have created electronically operated lockboxes in public areas for the parcels to be left inside.

These have slots of various sizes but you can hardly fit a fridge or a wardrobe in there – and remember that large items get stolen from transport or from porches as well!

But as long as you order such items as toys, clothes, books, cosmetics, pet food, small to medium electronics, etc., parcel lockboxes should do just fine.

If you don’t have access to a lockbox, you happen to order large items and you wish to increase the general security of your property, smart security solutions are definitely worth considering. A video doorbell or a camera typically included in a smart home security set allows you to keep an eye on the front door. The visible outdoor security system can deter any opportunist porch pirate from acting.

Additionally, some smart security systems come with a speaker, so not only can you watch your delivery man (or a thief who comes after him) but also speak to him and record his actions. Combined with motion sensors which turn the lights on, smart security solutions make an effective deterrent, give you control over your porch from anywhere in the world, and – in case it comes to the worst – provide excellent evidence material.

Most importantly, your smart home security system includes a smart lock that enables you to give your delivery man timed access to the property and safely leave the package in.

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