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Top security trends in 2023

By observing security trends in 2023. Specialists predict that home security systems global market will be worth over $75 billion.

Although video doorbells and smart locks have been with us for quite a while, they are being constantly improved and modified. What can we expect from residential security trends in the upcoming years?

Top security trends in 2023

Smart & Remote control taken to the new level

Home automation makes your life more efficient. Smart security systems allow to remotely control everything: lights, cameras, garage doors… and even coffee makers.

This, combined with smart locks (which give you keyless, controlled access to your property) and the ability to speak to whoever is at the front door, gives you ultimate control over your property even when you’re away on holiday.

When you’re in, being able to fully control your house or office still makes you feel safe and translates into convenience. And you can do it with voice commands! Isn’t it amazing?

Home security trends in 2023
Woman Controlling Smart Security Camera Using App On Mobile Phone

Residential security trends - Modern alarms and sensors

More and more businesses and homeowners are certainly going to invest in entryway sensors which can sound the alarm whenever the door or window is open. Modern sensors can detect any presence around your property and turn on the lights to deter a thief. Combined with a camera which records the intruder in action, it is a great solution to collect evidence material in case of burglary.

Additionally, occupancy sensors allow you to control any presence (e.g. of other family members) on your property. Isn’t it a great idea to make sure what time your children are actually back from school?

Security trends - Infrared cameras

Most popular cameras today not only do deliver HD image quality but also provide live-streaming and mobile access.

Most likely, infrared cameras are also going to be increasingly popular. They are not as expensive as they were not so long ago, and they are already frequently applied in security systems.

Actually, thermal and infrared technology is better and cheaper than ever before. Although infrared cameras do not exactly see through walls as in films, they are still a great tool to detect any unwanted presence and we can expect them to enter our homes and businesses in the upcoming years.

Home security trends in 2023

AI integration - AI will play a crucial role in automating many processes in current house security systems, such as alerting homeowners of intrusions or contacting local authorities. More emphasis will be put on improving current surveillance systems with facial recognition, suspicious activity detection, machine learning, intelligent tracking and people counting. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Equipment - In 2023 the current security trends will make companies try to improve their security products by focusing on design. Producing cameras, sensors and other security devices that blend into someone’s property could become a lucrative market opportunity since most devices are now fairly basic looking.

Enhanced Cybersecurity - Modern home security systems are quite advanced and secure, but they still have their fair share of vulnerabilities. Companies must focus on enhancing their cybersecurity measures to protect their customers as the cybersecurity landscape continues evolving.

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